Work With Me

We know how we want to parent our kids, but then why is it so hard for us to be consistent? 

We’re educated, smart, and we’ve read all (or some) of the parenting books, and maybe we’ve even implemented some of these strategies, but our children’s behavior hasn’t improved. We struggle daily with being patient and consistent, but instead we yell and get frustrated more than we want to. 

What if I told you that I have tools that can guide you on how to raise mature, responsible adults, while helping you manage your mind so that you can be consistent and have more patience?

I work with couples or individual parents over the phone, because I know how hard it is to get a sitter and find time away from your kids! We can talk when it’s most convenient for you, at lunch time, after the kids are in bed, or whenever you can get away. Think of our calls as time spent on improving your everyday lives, not just the lives of your children, but also your life! Isn’t that time well spent?

With coaching, you will:

  • Get a handle on your emotions when drama gets high with your kids.
  • Learn more effective ways to handle discipline.
  • Discover how to make time for yourself and to get more done in less time.
  • Reduce worry and guilt and have more peace and love in your life.

Choose one of two options for working with me:


When you sign up for power hour coaching, we will work deeply on one issue you may be struggling with in your life. You can schedule as many hour long calls with me as needed a la carte.

8 WEEKS PARENT COACHING PROGRAM – $600 total for 8 weeks (can be made in 8 installments of  $75.

  • Week 1: Managing our mind and emotional adulthood, learning how to coach yourself.
  • Week 2: Parenting techniques and strategies
  • Week 3: How to increase your patience and effectiveness in the midst of chaos
  • Week 4: The Manual – how we think others should behave
  • Week 5: Guilt and worry and how we can minimize both
  • Week 6: Time management, procrastination, and decision making
  • Week 7: Improving our relationships
  • Week 8: Your goal and dreams, and self-care

What you get with coaching:

  • Eight one-on-one coaching sessions with me over the phone for one hour
  • Assignments and notes from each sessions
  • Phone and email support 24/7 with any issues that arise
  • Ongoing email support after the coaching program is complete


If you’re ready to enjoy your kids, be more relaxed, yet effective with your parenting, and as a result, raise super emotionally intelligent children, fill out the form below with your name and email address to schedule a free 20 minute minute mini session with me over the phone to see if coaching is right for you.


During the FREE mini session, I will:

  • discuss a plan you can put into action on how to handle any situation with your kids that you need help with.
  • give you strategies you can start using right away that will make a difference in how you talk to your kids so they will be more likely to do what you want them to do (and they won’t realize that’s what they’re doing!)
  • talk about simple ways to immediately change the thoughts you have about raising kids so that it will be more fun and less stress.